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Megan Lindner will have an initial meeting with the client. This meeting is a chance for the client to get to know us and most importantly to discuss what the client envisions, the clients budget and how we do business. We explain our credentials and why we are the finest pool builder around. If you decide you would like to proceed, we will meet again to provide you with a design and three-dimensional renderings depicting your dream pool or spa. At this time we also explain in-depth all the options we have available for the equipment, the pros and cons of various types of pool systems, and how the construction process works so that you have a complete understanding of each phase of the project.


Kenny Lindner will have an initial meeting with the client discussing what the client envisions, the clients budget and how we do business. From here we begin to reinvent your dreams and show you all the options available to transform your existing pool into a new reflection of your familys' lifestyle. Some of the options we provide are re-plastering, new tile and coping, waterfalls and added water features, new decking, energy efficient equipment and more. At a second meeting we will provide you with pricing outlined for you to  choose what you would like to do. We welcome all renovations from the smallest improvements to a brand new look.


We handle all repairs associated with pools and spas; some of which include pumps, filters, heaters, control systems, salt systems, pool and spa lights, underground leaks, pool cleaning systems, and filter cleanings.

Cabana Aquatech performs certified pool inspections, incorporating APSP guidelines along with state and local codes. 

Each technician is TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) licensed.


Cabana Aquatech provides year round pool maintenance. A qualified, fully insured technician will perform a weekly maintenance program on the same day each week. We offer a weekly or bi-weekly service as well as special cleans and vacation cleans. 

Our weekly services will include:
    Chemical Balance of Pool Water
    Vacuum Pool as needed
    Skim the top of pool and spa
    Skimmer & Pump Basket Cleaning
    Empty Auto Pool Cleaner Bag
    Brush Walls of Pool
    Backwash Filter

We also have a route supervisor that ensures pools are cleaned properly. All of our company vehicles are well marked so you know who is in your backyard.

Please contact us to set up a day and time for us to give you a bid for weekly pool maintenance.

Cabana Aquatech services the Houston and surrounding areas. We are one of the area's largest service companies and have been for over 30 years.